“In NLP, we learn to get real with ourselves…our deepest selves; who we were before we learned to put the masks on and speak with the languages of life. I love NLP, but I love Ana Robles more. As a leader in business, Ana has introduced me to professional networking and NLP. As my mentor in the process and as a fellow NLP practitioner, she got real with us. Getting real begins with knowing oneself and uncovering the things in the past that are holding us back. If we remain stuck due to blindspots or past pain, growth is a challenge. I believe many people go through their entire lives not truly knowing themselves or even fully getting over painful things from the past. If you don’t know yourself or haven’t moved on from past pain or learned to integrate the lessons from said pain, how can you really know and execute your purpose? NLP helps us change our internal narratives about life. Rather than always asking why things happen, we can evolve, or rather elevate to, for what purpose is this happening in my life, at this time, and in this way? What can I learn from this? We move from limitations, scarcity, and victimhood to abundance, clarity, and empowerment. We get better everyday while working towards self mastery. One of my biggest takeaways is that we shouldn’t be afraid of success. Success is easy as long as you have a vision and a plan. Ana’s courses can help you uncover or refine your vision and assist you in developing plans for achievement, but NLP is not only about courses and process. It’s about getting better at life. We never graduate from this. We just get better everyday. Play above the line, and if you are afraid of success, enroll with Yo Soy Amazing. Thanks Ana!!”