“Before taking the NLP class and starting coaching with Ana, my business was sustaining, but not flourishing. I worked a lot of hours for not a lot of profit and felt tied to my business. The thought of taking a vacation was terrifying because no one would be around to make money. I would gain a little savings and then have something come up that drained my resources. Ana and her NLP class taught me that my yo-yo savings/spending habit was a program that I deployed to keep myself in the uncomfortable, comfort zone. I first realized that my work with Ana was working when I not only was steadily increasing my revenue month after month, but one month I doubled my revenue, which finally allowed my business to break that 6-figure barrier. Since then my business has continued to steadily grow and each year is projected to at least double from the previous year. I’m able to take time off and vacation without the fear that I’ll miss out on revenue if I’m gone.”